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If you are a health-conscious foodie who loves veggies and Japanese food, this place is a must try.
Lots of varieties to choose from; the clean atmosphere proves the hygiene of the food.

Extremely friendly service is a bonus.

Highly recommend! 🥗

Jacob Aflak

This place is perfect in many ways. The food is great, the service is polite and the owner is caring. They have designed a really good system which works very well when they are busy. The business was clearly setup keeping the demographic in mind - being busy people who have short lunch breaks, looking for a great go-to, affordable lunch.

Babu Narayanan

Fresh ingredients and a great mix of choices for the poke bowls. Every choice I have made so far in my visits have been perfect. Haven't tried Sushi yet

Josh G

Fresh seafood and wonderful flavours.

I had a Fishwave Poke Bowl for lunch with fresh raw Salmon and raw Tuna. Both types of fish were good quality and, most importantly, very Fresh!

The food is prepared to order, and the chefs out the back are making everything fresh and regularly replenishing stock at the front for the service staff. Traditional flavours mixed in a modern style dish with lots of variety.

Sushi packa are good, and they have a nice range of traditional drinks and snacks already prepared and available for a quick lunch.

It was busy at lunchtime when I was there so had to wait a bit for more fish to be cut and portioned but it was worth the wait!

Definitely recommended!


Ordered the Bugolgi Korean style beef, Volcano sashimi salmon, Fish wave salmon tuna, and the chilli chicken bowl.

All bowls taste good, could be bit more generous with the rice portion but overall is decent. The only thing is that if you try to call them they won't answer phone you'll need to order online or via text message, they were accommodating as we ordered right before they closed the shop and they were willing to take the order via phone.

Good place if you're in a pinch

Yoel Silvestre

Very good food, i couldn't find any fault. Great portion, fresh food, excellent service, clean venue. Best poke bowls in Sydney without a doubt.
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